Skip for no apparent reason

Our Rachio 3 seems to be set up correctly and we can run the app from our phones or ipad.
We set up 4 schedules. The first two are:

  1. “New Plants Winter.” - Odd days - 3 zones
  2. “Rest of yard. Winter.” - Saturday, “Start after 10:00 AM”, etc.- 3 zones
    (The other 2 should be irrelevant because they’re for Summer use).
    This morning “New Plants Winter” ran, and that’s perfect, but we are having trouble with
    zone 2: “Rest of yard. Winter”.
    Today is Saturday Feb 19, and it’s several hours prior to 10:00AM but the schedule is somehow mysteriously not set to run today.
    When I look at the Calendar, it only shows New Plants for today.
    It says the next time “Rest of yard. Winter” is scheduled is next Saturday, Feb 26. Why not today?
    This just seems like a blatant bug in the software. It is Saturday. There are no weather overrides here.
    Why won’t it run?
    I thought perhaps I’m the victim of regional watering restrictions, maybe they only allow watering on even days? I can’t find any way to view or change watering restrictions. I’m in Lady Lake, Florida.
    I need to be able to rely on the Rachio but it seems to make these arbitrary decisions without any kind of notification. Suggestions?