Simplified history option?


I recently tried to find when I last ran a certain schedule. I went to History in the app and of course it has that info. But, I found that it took a LOT of scanning through all the events to find what I was looking for. It would be really nice if there was some event filtering available to allow me to see “simple reporting”. Ie: Not Skipped/Watering Zone 1/Started/WateredZone 2/Completed/etc all get consolidated into one entry “Watered X schedule for total # minutes”. That would let me quickly scan to see what I wanted, and then if I wanted detail I could click on it and see how long each zone watered, etc.


@svento Working on that exact thing for v2.0 of our software (May). You will be able to collapse/expand schedules, etc.

Sneak preview… :beers: