Shut off delay

I have 3 different customers controllers that are reporting a low flow leak when nothing is running.

I have checked for problems in the valves and the valves are new.

It seems to happen only on 1 zone per customer and they do have master valves that are in good working order. It seems that the software shuts down the valve through the software before the electronics can catch up to the action and resulting in this false reading.

My other customers do not have this problem even with WFM and master valves.

Is there a patch for this?

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Hey @spscoutenPhD

You can actually extend their settle time to fix this.

If you receive frequent alerts detecting Inactive Flow, you may be receiving false positives - this can happen if your sprinkler system takes longer than normal to depressurize and your Settle Time is set to the default of 3 minutes. To help your Flow Meter to recognize this depressurizing time as normal, edit your Settle Time. In the Rachio app, go to the “More” tab, then select “Controller Settings”, then “Flow Settings”, then “Settle Time” to increase the amount of time your system will settle/stabilize before checking for inactive flow. Settle Time can be customized from 1-10 minutes.

via Troubleshooting the Wireless Flow Meter

Does this help?

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Thank you @laura.bauman. I will give that a try and let you know.

Have a Rachio day. :slight_smile: