Showing Moisture Balance on home screen

Now that we can change our zone moisture balance. It would be great to see current balance of each zone on the homepage zone info. Maybe the Heading “MY YARD” should Migrate in some way to ZONE STATUS. Think you have an opportunity to include some good info all on one screen. Keeps me from needing to click my way through your customer interface to see what is going on.

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I agree it needs to be more visible. When the mobile apps are released with the soil moisture graph, that number will be available when you look at individual zones (without having to go to the report itself). A start for now…


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Yes, Good Start.

My son invited me to look at his schedule to try t figure out his problem with his watering.
I can do everything on the mobile app. but not on the desk top. and it would be nice to see his moisture screen. :wink: