Show more/less adjustment status on Edit Zone page

It would be really nice if you could show the more/less adjustment status for a zone on the Edit Zone page. It wouldn’t be necessary to actually change it from this view of the zone (I actually like changing it at the place that shows the actual watering time), but just to show how it is set. It could be grayed out so we’d know we can’t set it from that screen. Maybe just a water droplet like the one on the page where you set it, but with a +2,+1,0, -1, or -2 in it.

I’d like to see this as both @emil and I spent some amount of time trying to figure out why two zones that appeared to be exactly identical were getting different watering times. I had the zones up last year and totally forgotten that I had done a more/less adjustment. And since it doesn’t show in moisture levels, it made it even harder to pick up.

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Thanks @Linn. Would this be tied to one schedule, or are you thinking it would affect multiple schedules?

If it’s just a grayed droplet that can’t be set from that location, maybe just one droplet is enough to show that the zone has an override in a schedule somewhere. Or maybe multiple droplets if it is in more than one schedule. It just needs to be something to show that this zone’s watering time has been overridden in another place.

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