Show more details when schedule is auto changed

Why is the Rachio app unable to tell me what the change is when it notifies me the watering schedule has been changed due to new season. Screenshot attached, Android app latest version. Clicking “Learn More” just takes me to a generic page talking about the feature and idea behind seasonal changes but I sure would love to see what it changed it to…this information is available via email but why make me go look for an email when I’m already staring at the app?

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Do Rachio employees even look at this forum?

We have installed Rachio since its gen 1 and anytime there has been issues its resolved quickly. (so I’m sure that side gets more priority).

Mostly, if not entirely, the Watering Duration values of a non-Flex Daily schedule. Such as (excusing the iOS response):

Yes but why doesn’t it tell me what changed? What’s the point of a mostly useless notification.

If you’re going to show something to a user, it should be “Here’s what changed about your schedule” not “something changed about your schedule”

I’ve never seen anything else change but the Watering Durations (though I only have 1 non-Flex Daily schedule, so I only receive one notice). So, my illustration’s details are what changed - the watering durations for my 7 stations. I know of no other parameters that are part of Seasonal Shift. The online help titled Seasonal Shift FAQ seems to indicate that the feature sets your zones’ intervals based on 10-year historical data for your site, UNTIL you make your own changes to re-set a new “baseline” and then it makes adjustments to your zone settings thereafter. It also reminds you that the Flex (Monthly or Daily) schedule types avoid the requirement for this “almanac-based” watering. But not the “useless notifications”, which will continue to arrive for your Fixed schedules - even when disabled - until you banish them from your controller.