Show Average on Water Use Consumption

When viewing the Water Usage Graph, it would be nice to see a horizontal line that depicts the average water use for that time period. A moving average might also be interesting. On a flexible daily schedule, the water usage has a lot of variability (by design) so visualizing the average is difficult. It’s always possible to divide, of course, but having the average on the graph would be a nice addition.


Hey @ldslaron!

Which view of the usage graph would you like to see this on? Do you want your average displayed or an average of the entire groups of users (maybe even users in your region)?

Was thinking just my usage, probably on the monthly graph. The horizontal line would be labeled with the average gallons per day. Could do something similar for daily usage but probably less useful.

Sorry - I had those backwards. The daily water use graph is the one that shows one month: that’s where I’d like to see the average. Thanks.