Should the Scheduled Time Agree with the Field Capacity Graph

We had rain today (no watering was scheduled) and I was pleased to see an amount of rain added to the Field Capacity darn close with what we got:

The graph shows that due to the rain today, and possible small amount of rain tomorrow, that no irrigation will be done, either tomorrow or the next day. The table confirms this.

However, when I go to the monthly Schedule, it says for tomorrow this zone will be irrigated for its normal 1:33 plus two 0:30 soak periods, applying its normal 0.48" of water.

Should these two sources of information vary like this? If so, why?

I don’t know if the two sources above (graph/chart and schedule) should show different information (I don’t think they should), but bottom line is the zone did NO water today, as it showed on the graph (but the zone schedule was wrong). And I know that indicated future zone schedules ARE affected by estimated future rainfall, as I’ve seen the dates hold off during that time.

I was tickled yesterday when the rain Rachio used from my closest PWS was 0.38", while I had 0.33" at my house (standard rain gauge). Less tickled today when all the PWS’s around me shows 0.10" or less rain, while we had 0.70". Not sure what to do now. Maybe mark all my zones as Filled. Or maybe order my own weather station so it will use those values. :wink:

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