Should the Gen2 AC transformer buzz?


I installed a brand new Gen2 at our home today and one thing struck me odd during the installation. The AC transformer makes a constant buzzing sound like some old piece of electronics. Is that normal? It is in our garage so it isn’t something we have to listen to all the time, but I do spend a good amount of time working on things in the garage and prefer not to listen to it.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @scorp508-

Not normal! If you would contact support and reference this post, they will get you sorted out! Sending a pic of the adaptor may expedite the process…

McKynzee :rachio:


Thanks @mckynzee. I sent mail to support this morning and they’re all over it and sending out a new one. :slight_smile:

:clap: They rock. Glad they got you covered!


The replacement transformer arrived today and is perfectly silent. :sunglasses: Props to the support folks for a speedy turnaround!


Hi, I just installed my Gen2 16 Zone controller. What an awesome device! I’m having exactly the same issue, the power transformer is buzzing like crazy. V/r Rick

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@RickRDJ - then send an email to and I bet they’ll get a replacement power supply out to you PDQ.

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Hey Rick. Glad you’re excited about your new Rachio! As with our friends above, please contact Rachio Support at your earliest convenience (1-844-4-RACHIO) and we’ll gladly set you up with a new power adapter.


Thanks, is there an email address? We’re out in the country with no cell coverage in this new house. I can call from next Monday, but would certainly like to get one on the way. V/r Rick

@RickRDJ -

Hey Richard,

Yup! Looks like @DLane beat me to it ;)!

At the bottom of this page:

You should see the Still need help? Contact Us link with a form for you to submit. Once we’ve received your email will get the ball rolling.


Awesome, email sent with details and address. Already got the auto conformation. Thanks! Rick

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I still have my buzzy unit if anyone wants to do a manufacturing investigation now that more than one have been reported.

Just installed my new 16 zone fresh from Amazon, the transformer sounds like angry bees. I filed a case with support but honestly I worry how many of these are out there locked away in some utility closet about to burn down someones house.

I recently noticed this on my 8 zone gen2 as well. I unplugged it for now due to safety concerns but need a replacement.

@the_paper_pusher - I think a call into Rachio support or submitting a ticket will be the fastest way to get a RMA unit as many of the responders (like me) here on the board are end users and not Rachio employees.

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