Should I upgrade from Gen 2 8 zone to Black?

I’ve been using a Gen 2 8 zone since Sept 2016 and I’m only using 6 zones. I got a promotion for the Black 6 zone and I thought it might be worth upgrading but I’d like to know what additional features I’ll get by upgrading. I see that I get valve monitoring and a 4 year warranty (instead of 2) but I’d like to know if there are any other features that I get which my Gen 2 doesn’t have. Thanks in advance.

Does the black get the valve monitoring built in? It is an additional one time fee on other G3 units.

If that feature is worth it to you, I guess it is worth the upgrade, but only you can answer that. As for now, there aren’t many more features you are missing. As other features come out, that is when you will fall further behind with a G2 or older.

Thanks. It looks like the Black sold out quicker than I thought it would so the product page is gone from the Rachio website. The email I got from Rachio said “FREE Valve Monitoring ($30 value)” so it sounds like it was built in the unit or it was a free service.

That was a free add-on service being offered.

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Thanks. I wasn’t aware that valve monitoring was available until I looked at the email about the Black controller.

On a side note, I was wondering how Rachio could continue offering the smart sprinkler controller services in their app for free since there are costs associated with it and AFAIK they don’t make money in the app from advertising.

Here is a write up that I wrong after I got valve monitoring: Valve Monitoring - New Rachio Products - Rachio Community

My understanding is that Rachio makes their money from the sales of hardware & services sold through them (sprinkler controllers, valve monitors, umbrellas, weather stations, bird cameras, and several other things with the external things getting commission).

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