Should I override?

Rachio is throwing me a curb ball. The ground shows now 30% moisture but the Rachio still only wants to water in 17 days as we do have a lot of predicted rain (though mostly between 13-40% chances of rain). It almost feels as if I have to ‘force’ Rachio to run a schedule to not dry out the ground too much. Should I?

I would do manual waterings if it stays at zero moisture level for more than a day. Please see Need a way to handle precipitation that doesn't happen for Flex Daily and No no no (why are my flex zones 110% moisture?)

Just keep an eye on it. Most often an upcoming precipitation amount will be less than what’s needed for your grass and a watering will kick in and you will be ok. But sometimes if the rain is scattered and you don’t get it, and the next day it again thinks you will get rain and you don’t, you may have to do the added watering yourself.

My Rachio is totally on autopilot except for this one phenomenon that I have to keep an eye on.


Thank you, this is helpful.