Should I install the Rachio controller outdoors or indoors?

Hi, I have received my Rachio enclosure from Amazon a few days back, now waiting for the controller and flow control that I’ve ordered directly from Rachio because Amazon didn’t offer that package or sell the flow control separately.

Anyway, what are the pros and cons of installing the controller outdoors or indoors? If installed indoors of course I don’t need the enclosure and also since the controller is all controlled via the app then I see no point on having it installed outdoors.

Please advise.

IMO Indoors is probably always better if its an option. Guarantees no moisture gets in and climate controlled in many cases. Even in a hot garage it’s probably better than being outside. I think outside is designed when thats someones only option. Remember, its still an electronic device so I would protect it best you can.


I’ve had my Gen1’s installed outside in the original enclosure for 4 years…In Arizona.


My Gen 1 has been outdoors in Arizona in an enclosure the Hubs designed to also house the pool timer. 5 years and still going strong. My Gen 2 is in an outdoor water-tight enclosure in a cold/snowy climate. In both cases, installing indoors was not an option without a big hassle.


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I have had my V2 outdoors for 3 years now. It has survived our winters in Canada (yes I purge the system each Oct.) I keep it ON to receive updates but in Standby.

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