Shipping to Australia

Hi, I’ve just set up my new Rachio gen2 in Australia, and I’ve noticed that other people from here have mentioned getting an enclosure shipped via Amazon. I have tried to purchase one but when it gets to checkout it says it’s not a digital item and can’t ship. Can anyone help me please.
Cheers, Brent

PS. So easy to setup, very impressed!

I may be able to get a friend to bring one over and I am considering getting a Rachio controller as well. What did you do as far as a power supply for Australia?



Hi, I picked one up from jaycar, 24VAC 1amp, it had no plug though, I just bought a 2.1mm short DC plug and soldered it on. Works like a charm.

You’ll be happy with the unit, I’ve upgraded from a hunter controller, the rachio took me about 10mins at most to setup, and Wi-Fi coverage is very good.

If you have any other questions just let me know.

And if it’s possible, I’d love to work out a way to get the enclosure.


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