Sharkbite fittings not UV resistant?


This question is specific to the UIP4020 1" copper to pvc coupler. I had a sprinkler repair company out at my house today looking over something and he pointed at them and said they are not UV resistant and will need replaced in about a year. Said the plastic part specifically. He was talking about my couplers to my Flow Meter.

Is this true or is he clueless?


@though - just slip a small section of pipe insulation over the fitting and it won’t be exposed to any UV.


I will but thought I would confirm first. This is something that Rachio should include in the installation instructions if it’s indeed true!


Q. Are SharkBite EvoPEX fittings, SharkBite Universal brass fittings, and SharkBite PEX Pipe UV resistant?
A. SharkBite Universal brass fittings can be used in sunlight when installed on copper or CPVC. SharkBite PEX Pipe and EvoPEX fittings are UV resistant for up to one (1) month.


These are not EvoPEX fittings.


No, they are not, but I believe that you used the universal brass fittings. The information I found for you mentions those in the text.


Hello, @though!

I am a product designer here at Rachio and wanted to pass along the official statement that we have from Sharkbite. I looked into this before we decided to recommend Sharkbites, but thought I was the only one that would notice the warranty wording. WRONG. There are other detail-oriented irrigation nerds out there, just like me! I’m finally not alone.

From Sharkbite: “The UV referenced in our warranty is related to PEX and our plastic barb fittings. SharkBite universal fittings (the ones recommended for the flow meter installations) can be used outside without issues of UV exposure.”

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Thanks @piperrose for the “official” response. So are you suggesting that putting pipe insulation around the sharkbite connections provides no long-term benefit? I will probably do it anyway “just in case”.

On a side note, I will also probably take a ziplock bag and wrap it around the Flow Meter with some zipties to keep the rain/snow/ice/elements out!


Hey, @though!

Honestly, I always like to add pipe insulation in this freezing mountain climate.

As for the flow meter, it was tested in extreme weather and meant to hold up to direct exposure. The most important thing is that the battery cover is secure; that’s where any water could enter. But as a “just in case” type of person, there’s no reason not to wrap it up!



I too appreciate Rachio’s official response. Just to be clear, the section I provided you was from the SharkBite website where, like you, others had asked the same questions regarding product warranty and UV exposure. It looks like they have a new silicone tape they sell for underground installs with the brass fittings, it adheres to itself and forms a fused bond to itself and the fitting. Perhaps this would be of interest to you and others - not meant to protect from UV though.


Appreciated the input @piperrose!

Very impressed with everything thus far (coming from Rainbird Wifi units)…


The exposed plastic section has nothing to do with the fitting other than allow for removal later on if needed. These fittings have an o-ring seal and a mechanical lock (SS teeth) and the plastic piece would engage the teeth to release (using a special tool) in the even you needed to remove.

Cliffnotes: Your Sprinkler repair main is clueless.


I have exactly those fittings outside on my main line for a whole house filter I installed many years ago. Zero issues.