Sharkbite Fitting Removal

Anyone know how to remove a Sharkbite fitting from a flow meter? I had to replace a malfunctioning flow sensor, but the Sharkbite fitting removal tool I bought only worked on the copper pipe, not the PVC side of the fitting (diameter was too large for the tool).

This should work on the IPS side (IPS is slightly larger than copper).

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Yes the disconnect tool worked on the copper side so I was able to remove the flowmeter and Sharkbite fittings from the irrigation line. But the tool did not work for removing the Sharkbite fittings from the flowmeter. Any ideas for the flowmeter side of the Sharkbite?

That tool I posted should work…the copper pipe side is slightly smaller OD than the IPS side of the flow meter.

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OK thanks – I’ll give it a try. Very inexpensive!

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OK - I received the Sharkbite PVC tool today, and unfortunately it does not fit. The shoulder diameter of the flowmeter is too large for the tool.

Great question! As You need push in the release the collar and there isn’t much space.

I have three flow Meters to install and was wondering the same things as I always like to be prepared in the field.

Have you found anything suitable to improvise removal by this time? I have improvised on other plumbing projects previously with success however “SharkBite” makes another removal tool.

SharkBite Fitting Disconnect Tong Item # 4812350

Going to order mine through my neighborhood ACE Hardware!


Yes I have the tool you have ordered. It works for removing the flow meter plus Sharkbite fitting assembly from the copper irrigation line, but it will not work for removing the Sharkbite fittings from the flow meter. This means that if you need to replace the flowmeter you will need to buy two new Sharkbite fittings at a cost of $19 each.

I am having same problem. There is not enough room for any tool. Any ideas. I hate to spend another $40 for new sharkbites

I got it. I took small screw drivers and pushed out white a little, then bigger one until i got real large ones and pushed off the darn thing… A little beat up, but worked perfect when re-used.