Share your setup?

I really like seeing pictures of other user’s setups. Where did you mount your rachio? What’s the wiring look like? What’s your valve setup? What settings are you using? I’d love to see what all of this fun is “powering” as far as your landscape even.

If anyone else has interest maybe we could get a thread or category going?

I especially like this topic hoping that we have users with zones that have some vegetation other than turf. Lol :smiley: Great suggestion by the way.

Category name?


Users Gallery. :wink:

@cfwiggum, I don’t think it’s quite what you’re looking for, but are doing profiles of Rachio users and professionals that are going up on our blog:

This started initially for Smart Irrigation month, but we’ll probably continue this every 2 or 4 weeks starting in August.

Thanks for the question ideas. I was looking to see how we might change up what we ask. If you’d like to be featured, let me know. :smile:

@benblackmer I doubt you want to feature my boring, 3-zone drip setup :slight_smile:

@franz I’m not sure what you’d call the category. User’s gallery is a decent suggestion since I can’t think of anything better. “Your Setups” “User Setups” ?

@cfwiggum My Iro?

You could call it Zone Gallery or Zee Gallery. Lol :laughing:
Or The Zone

Here ya go!

Love it. Well have some fun with that. thanks. :wink:

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Excellent, thanks Franz! I hope some people use it! I will try to put together something about my setup soon.

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