Share the love - 10% off Rachio controller for friends and family

It’s official. You are all Rachio insiders (as if we didn’t know that already).

Love saving water with your Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller? Share the love!

We’re offering an exclusive Friends & Family Discount to our very best customers. Request a shareable discount code below to give friends, family and neighbors 10% off an 8- or 16-zone controller at

We know you’re popular - repeat the steps below to request an unlimited number of discount codes:

  1. Click here and fill out the form with your name and Rachio account email address.
  2. Receive your personalized code via email within one business day.
  3. Share the code with your friends, family and neighbors!

The deets:

  • Codes must be used at to receive discount.
  • Repeat to request additional discount codes.

Help your friends take advantage of summer water savings before the season ends. Start sharing today!


Why a 1 time use code? Do you want to sell MANY controllers or just one? This will work better if the current user gets some kind of kickback, say via paypal. Incorporate this into your yard sign post.

Update: Neighbor bought one today using your code :wink:

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Hey @Bill.Maupin!

You can request as many one time codes as you would like, but I agree it’s not ideal. Last time we did this we did a code that could be used many times and it was posted on a deals site, and we were hoping to keep this a little more exclusive! We’ve toyed with some rewards ideas, this is just our first dabble into this referral idea :slight_smile:. Glad to hear your neighbor bought one that’s awesome :tada:!!

McKynzee :rachio:

Even if it’s added to a deal site, did it offend you to sell a bunch of units with a small discount? If it were on a deal site those people probably would’t have known about your product anyways.

Hey @mckynzee, this appears to be over. Plan on doing this again anytime soon? I live in a 150+ growing neighborhood. When I get the last piece of my new WeatherFlow PWS soon I’ll be posting to the neighborhood forum to inform everyone abount the first local PWS and I’d like to tell them why I installed it, my Rachio.

Hey @Bill.Maupin-

No official plans right now. Do you guys have rebates in your area? Perhaps you could use that! If you could DM me your zip I can look into it…

McKynzee :rachio: