Setup zone and manual start not working

When I go though the Zone Setup, the sprinklers do not come on. The same thing happens when I go through the remote control - sprinklers do not come on. However, everything works fine when I setup the watering schedule. So, the watering schedule works fine even though I’ve never setup a zone. Am I missing something?

Are you saying that a watering schedule works and turns zones on but the remote does not?


Yes, that is correct. Also, when I go through the zone setup, the zones do not start there either.

After looking at your account my initial thought is the signal strength looks fairly weak to the unit (rssi -80) and the commands being issued might be hit/miss. To prove this theory, bring the unit in closer to your router and use the remote. If the blue LED turns on, it is a signal strength issue.

If it is due to signal strength, I’ve had good luck with this $20 range extender.

Hope this helps.


Ok, I have an extender in place and the signal strength should be really strong where the Rachio unit is located. Still no luck. When I use the remote, everything in the app shows it is watering but the sprinklers do not come on. I did confirm that when I hit Run Now on the remote, the blue LED status light still comes on. Any other thoughts?

Can you send wiring pictures to []? If the blue LED is on, that means power is being delivered to the solenoid, and the valve should open. Whether it is a scheduled schedule, or a manual run through the remote shouldn’t make a difference. If the blue LED is showing, that should be opening your valve.

Do you have a master valve by any chance?

[] should be able to troubleshoot and help determine your root cause.

Hope this helps. If not, we can dig deeper.


@telkins, good evening. Are you still experiencing issues? I didn’t see any recent support tickets for your email. Do you happen to have any photos of your old wiring we could review? Feel free to post them here or email to

Thanks, Emil

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Thanks all. I’m having the company that installed my sprinkler system come check it out. I’ll reach back out if I need further help. I really appreciate all of the support!!

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@telkins, please keep us posted. We’d love to know what happened.