Setup in Water Restriction Era

I have a question concerning setup for Flex Daily. I can program Flex Daily to run 4 times per week. For sake of discussion, let’s say Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Due to landscape watering restrictions, I am limited to the following: 1) Midnight to 6:00 AM - allowed, 2) 6:01AM to 9:00PM - Not allowed, 3) 9:01 PM - Midnight - allowed.

If there a way to program a schedule that will basically omit the times in #2 above? I know there is a programming feature that will allow me to define what days of the week for the schedule.


You can’t limit it to specific time blocks. You have to either use a start after or end by schedule and split up your zones between the morning or evening slots using multiple programs. Make sure if all the zones on the program run on the same day it doesn’t cause it to extend out of the period.