Setup Gen 2 indoors before connecting valve wiring?

I have bought 2 Gen 2 controllers. One is set up in France, the other will be used in Norway. It is still cold and full winter in Norway. Can I set the controller up indoors, get it up and running on the app before connecting wiring to the zones. It will only come into full use in April (after the ground has thawed and pipes are ice free).

Setup in France went perfectly! Was up and running in 30 minutes!

@FosseVet - yes you can!


Thx DLane. I was pretty sure I could. Much easier to sit indoors in a warm house than outstide in the snow.


@DLane is correct. Setup can be done anytime and practically anywhere as long as you know the parameters of each zone.

The final installer can take the pictures of the zones once it is installed.