Setup Fixed Routine (odd/even)

I plan on installing the rachio 3 next week if the weather cools down. I must use odd/even fixed routine to be within City Landscape Watering Ordinances. Fines can be up to over $1,200.00 per occurance The end date of the routine I want to use will be set to “Never”.

City Fines for violations:
Violating the watering program could result in a fine:

  • First offense: $119 fine plus $83 court cost = $202
  • Second offense: $269 fine plus $83 court cost = $352
  • Third offense: $519 fine plus $83 court cost = $602
  • Fourth offense: $750 bond and up to $1,200 fine for those who continue to violate the program


1. When set to an end date of “Never” can I count on the controller to automatically adjust the time (spring forward & fall back) for Daylight Savings Time twice per year every year?
2. Using the odd/even fixed routine can I expect the controller to automatically adjust the date for “leap year” every 4 years and the odd/even schedule will know that leap year will have 2 odd days in a row?
3. Is using “Weather Intelligence™ Plus” with the odd/even fixed routine the best choice when we can often get brief rains several times in a day (less than 1/10th of an inch is common) and can also get 4 to 5" inches (or more) on other days?
4. In actual real life operation what is the accuracy percentage of the data that rachio receives to allow the “Weather Intelligence™ Plus” feature to function reliably?
5. Under what conditions would rachio recommend, if ever, using a wireless rain sensor instead of Weather Intelligence™ Plus?
6. I shut off my sprinkler system diuring the winter. I have a main sprinkler valve at the water meter and automatic drains from the water meter and throughout all zones. What is the best way, at the controller, to shut down the system for winter maintaining the program for the fixed odd/even routine set to an end date of “Never”?

Really looking forward to getting this puppy installed… THX for any and all responses and suggestions…

Sent an e-mail to rachio copying these questions and haven’t gotten a response yet.

Called Rachio support… answers:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Recommend setting to local area weather stations.
  5. No recomendation.
  6. Set to Standby (pause).
  • Yes - Should, as long as you have your location set correctly.
  • Yes - Support says yes, but its only happened once since I’ve been on Rachio, and don’t recall. I’d assume you are fine.
  • Yes - As with the answers below, I’d point to a specific, solid weather station, rather than WI+. You can see the history of a weather station within Rachio, and find one near you that has had consistent, solid reporting.
  • Recommend setting to local area weather stations.
  • No recomendation. - Here, Id say if you follow the recommendation of the above, you will be better off than WI+. I’m sure WI+ has areas where it works well, but for areas like Vegas (I think I remember seeing that is where you live?), there can be very localized storms and having a solid weather station that you point to will be FAR better. Rain sensors are fine, but are either on/off, whereas you can set a threshold within Rachio.
  • Set to Standby (pause).