Settings specific for swimming pool

Settings specific for a swimming pool zone would be nice.

What does that mean to you?

taking a wild guess, i will assume a natural chem free swimming pool, where the plants to water do not match anything currently in the zone settings?

i either just shot a bullseye or went all “set sail for fail”
how did i do @CindiAustill?

@CindiAustill, are you wanting to use the Iro to setup a zone that can refill your pool automatically?

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I think I know exactly what this is. Assuming so, I vote for it too.

I just installed my 16 zone controller. 10 zones total - 9 dedicated to the yard and one dedicated to the pool.

this 10th zone essentially fills the pool everyday for a few minutes, using the sprinkler supply versus the house supply. Over the years you get to a good understanding of about how many minutes each day is needed as a function of season.

For conventional, non-flex scheduled controllers this is easy. You dedicate a ‘program’ just to zone 10, telling it to water every day at 4 PM for 5 minutes (for example).

Today, with my Rachio now installed, I set up my flex schedule - only water when it’s determined to do so. But for zone 10, I simply want to water a few minutes every day. Seasonal adjustment would be nice

Instead I had to figure out how to adjust all of the setting to minimize run time. so that I can support zone 10.

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@a0128958, just to clarify, are you using Flex schedules to fill up your pool? If so, I’d recommend disabling Flex on Zone 10 and setting up a Fixed schedule to run Zone 10.

For tips on how to do this, please see this support article on setting up schedules.

Does this help? If not, please let me know.

Thanks, Emil

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Oh my! Helps a lot! Didn’t know I could ‘flex schedule’ some zones and ‘fix schedule’ others.

So, I’ll have all of my landscape watering zones flex scheduled, and I’ll make the pool fill zone fixed.

Excellent! And Thanks for the help.

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@a0128958, sorry for any confusion. Glad this helped!

If you have any recommendations on how we could have informed you of this flexibility with scheduling in the app, please let us know.

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I’ve set up my system like this. I have a fixed schedule zone just for my pool fill. BUT, it would be great if Rachio could develop a “pool fill” algorithm. Maybe something that adjusts fill time based on user input of pool surface area and total volume plus Rachio’s data for time of year, location, and weather…


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