Settings for dripping system for tomatoes, herbs, lemon and other veggies

I have a drip line connected to rachio that is used to water a mix of vegetables, herbs and some small trees.

how do i make sure this is working correctly and efficiently. I’ve set it to shrubs setting with drip line but I would like to double check.

to the drip line I have to following items connected Tomato and other veggies, mint, basil and other herbs, miniature lemon tree.

what kind of settings do I need to make sure these items are watered correctly.

Are you trying to use a fixed schedule or one of the flex schedules? The flex schedule will take some more fine tuning but it should be more efficient overall.

One quick note, I don’t think it is a good idea to have the lemon tree on the same line as the veggies. Citrus trees don’t need to be water nearly as often as you have to water the veggies. Additionally the watering times they need could differ significantly. Is it in a container? That might make it a bit more compatible but I would still want to put them on separate lines.


@fadynaime, I second @JPedrego – is it possible to split up this zone? The combination of plantings will be hard to design a schedule without over/under watering some of the plants. If not, let us know and I’ll help you fine tune your advanced zone settings.


it is set as part of the flex schedule used for the front and backyard, at this time its not possible to split them up (will need to new rachio device, install new wires, new valves and new water lines :slight_smile: ), but I do have flow control nozzles on each end, which lets me control flow to an extent, as there is only one line running among all of those. in the past they used to be water for a total of 15 minutes 3 times a week. and everything seems to be ok. I’m sure there was some over watering and some under watering going on.

Herbs are all in pots, while everything else is in a large planter running along my property wall

@fadynaime, due to the uniqueness of your zone, I’d recommend creating a fixed schedule to mimic your old watering schedule; maybe set it on an every 3 day schedule and enable weather intelligence to stress the plants a bit and leverage water savings as much as you can.