Setting Zone Watering Times

Is there a way to edit the watering time of each zone? It appears that once a fixed schedule is created and the watering times set, you cannot edit them further. So to work around it, I have to delete the schedule and create a new one. Is there an easier way?

@Lawren5 - select irrigation tab then select schedules to see your schedules you can see all your schedules by clicking schedules at the top of the screen select the schedule you wish to edit by tapping to open it

Make edits tap the fields you would like to edit then make your changes on the the next screen tap done to save

This does not let me change watering time for a particular zone. It only allows for turning the zone on or off.

When you Edit a Fixed schedule, just click on the Duration item to see and change times (Watering Duration on the PC). Each zone’s time is listed and can easily be changed. I think you chose Zones rather than Duration.

Thank you rraisley. It’s pretty simple, don’t know how I missed it.