Setting zone moisture level

Hey @franz,

I was just looking at the docs for the setMoistureLevel method in the API docs, and it mentions that the level should be entered in mm. Are the levels really measured in mm if the units are in imperial?

As an example, my soil moisture chart and the API saturatedDepthOfWater show a value of 0.35 for a given zone, which corresponds to that zone being at 110%, which I assume is in inches? So converting that to mm gives 8.89mm. Entering that value I get the response error': 'Level range in mm 0 - 0.35. So it looks to me like perhaps the docs are incorrect and we should be using inches when the device is using imperial units. Thanks for your help!

Ha good catch! I’ll have the engineering team review and fix. The constraint is measuring in imperial whereby it should be measuring in metric.

Thanks for reporting this, testing must have been done in metric :slight_smile:


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