Setting suggestions

I have lots of potted plants on a drip system. If the pots average 6” dia filled with potting soil and I use 1/2gph emitters what should I set things to make flex work?

@sunny, I feel you are one of our resident potted plant experts…care to chime in?

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A little more information would help me better answer the question. What type of pots are these? Are they porous or glazed? What is the composition of the potting soil? A six inch pot is small–are they being used for propagation of cuttings? What is planted in these pots? What is the height of the pots?

I’m in the desert and summers are hot–this summer has been particularly brutal. Porous pots in full sun will dry out fairly quickly and the plants will reach the permanent wilting point in a couple of days. A Flex Daily schedule would not deliver the proper frequency my potted plants need during the summer heat. I have them on a fixed schedule that waters shorter times twice a day. That prevents too much water being wasted by running out the bottom of the pots. It also helps keep the top part of the soil (where the roots are) from drying too much.

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