Setting multiple schedules

Brand new rachio 3 owner

Have successfully installed controller and created a weekly schedule for our area, which has restrictions of two days per week (Sun/Thur).

How, or can, controller be scheduled for different run times (same zones) on different days?

For example, run all zones on one day to complete/end by sunrise but all zones on the other day to complete/end before midnight (or even start after sunset)?

Multiple fixed schedules sounds like it would do the trick

thanks much for your reply. tried to set it up that way, but keep getting a message that scheduling same controller on separate schedules is very bad and can confuse it…

You cannot schedule more than one Flex Daily schedule for any given zone(s). Flex Daily needs to know what will be applied. Although you CAN schedule another schedule type, like Fixed, to the same zone(s) and Flex Daily will know about that water being applied and consider it to decide when to water.

Using Fixed schedules you could do what you’re asking (one schedule start at one time on one day, and another start at a different time on another day). You’re taking responsibility for how much water is being applied, though.

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tracking… the returned message makes sense now. thanks for the info!