Setting multiple Schedules to facilitate Smart Cycle

Need to have Smart Cycle work in my Flex Schedule. I have one drip zone that I need to delete and get on its own schedule so smart cycle will work on my other spray and rotor zones that have moderate slope on clay soils. Can I just delete the drip zone from my original Flex Schedule and add it to a new Flex Schedule? Is that all I need to do? Do I need to assign a start time that is farther away in hours to prevent overlap of schedules? Or does Rachio manage schedules to prevent multiple zones running at the same time?


The controller will manage overlapping schedules so theoretically you can just create a new flex daily schedule with the drip zone that starts at the same time.


Having trouble disabling the drip zone. It now shows with a 2 color water drop and will not accept a disable. Another problem is it won’t let me set run time for the drip to less that 50 minutes i the new flex schedule and I want to run it no longer than 30 minutes. Please advise how to correct the issues above. Thanks.

First I would remove the drip zone from the existing flex schedule.

The app might need to be refreshed (web refresh the page, iOS/Android pull to refresh) to see that the drip zone is now available for a new flex daily schedule.

I would then create a new flex daily schedule with the drip zone. Everything should work as normal from there.


Is remove the same as disable? When disabled the drip zone was not showing as an option in zones to water in the new schedule. I am using Rachio online/computer and not on my android devices.

You will need to leave it enabled, just make sure it is not in another flex schedule and you will be able to add it to a new flex daily schedule.

Not sure how to remove it from my original Flex Schedule - please advise-Thanks.

How do I remove a zone from a Flex Schedule - cannot find a way to do this - please advise, thanks.

Select the flex schedule, then navigate to zones, the select/de-select the zone(s) you want.

Cannot find/navigate to Zone just a delete schedule radio button at the bottom of schedule. No zone field appears.

Are you sure this is not a flexible monthly schedule?

If it is, you will need to delete the schedule to remove/add zones.

Once deleted, I would just add two new schedules.

Sorry for any confusion.


Yes it was a flexible monthly schedule. I will delete it. Which type do I need for smart cycle Flex Daily?

This has a good breakdown of the different schedule types. Flex daily is the last selection.

Just a note that flex daily might take more fine tuning than other schedules (initially).


Have 2 schedules both Flex Daily now. Now the only problem is it won’t go below 55 minutes for the drip zone and I do not want it to run longer them 30 minutes. Please advise how to fix this last problem. Thanks

Click on the schedule. Go to durations. From there you can being the watering time down by using the - button.

I would create a new forum thread regarding adjusting the drip zone minutes or reach out to

You will need to adjust your zone characteristics or zone advanced settings. If you can’t adjust within +/- 50% with your current settings it is going to take some adjustment to get to the right boundaries.

I might even suggest using a flexible monthly for drip, you can set duration exactly how you like.

Here is a lot more information on flexible daily:


Thanks, I will evaluate the changes and hopefully Smart Cycle will work tonight!

This did not work on the Flex Daily schedule. Would not allow the drip zone to go below 55 minutes duration. I had to change to Flex monthly to get it to water 30 minutes or less duration.