Setting fixed schedule for patio pots

I need to water my pots on a fixed schedule multiple short water times so they stay moist. Too long and they drip out the bottom. Too short or not often enough and they dry out. When I called Rachio chat, “David” after a frustrating experience not helping sent me what I thought was the solution. Turns out his step by step instructions aren’t possible and don’t match the app options.

Step 5 instructed me to select specific multiple start times but that’s not possible in the app.

  1. Look for the option to set start times. Add three start times: 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 5:00 PM. Make sure to adjust the schedule for each day accordingly.

This is exactly what I wanted but it’s not an option in the app as only options are before sunrise, after sunset, start time or end time. Multiple start times are not an option.

Now I’m irritated that the chat live support gave me erroneous instructions on top of not being able to set what is a most basic function for an irrigation controller. Does anyone have a solution for setting multiple start and run times on a fixed schedule for potted plants?

What start times and durations are you trying to achieve? I have a set of schedules that I use for overseeding. That seems to me to be the easiest to disable one when I do less water, etc.

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I need a total time of about 12 minutes a day that I previously had set on my orbit controller to water at 5 and 8 am and then again at 4pm and 8 pm.

I set up a couple of schedules for some of my zones. For example, zone 1-- veggie bed is scheduled to water at 5:00 am and again at 4 in the afternoon. I use these during the hottest part of the summer and disable the afternoon schedule when the temps drop below 100.

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Yes, I think this is the work around!