Set up help with wiring

Hi! I need help converting my Rain bird to Rachio. I have attached pictures with hope that one could identify what I did wrong. Thank you

Have you happened to take a picture of your old setup?

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Seems you have two wire bundles, thin bundle in the brown sleeve and thick bundle with the black sleeve.

For ease of installation, I recommend you unwind the white cable that holds the two together and separate them.

You seem to have hooked up zone 4 correctly (thin pink wire and corresponding white from the brown sleeve bundle), be sure to hookup the blue wire to another available zone, such as zone 3. It was hooked up before so it’s likely an active zone.

Now hookup the thick green wire to the second C terminal on the right, leave thick red and black cables where they are and hookup the orange wire to another available zone (such as zone 7).

Go through the setup be sure to enable and test the zones you have hooked up (3 through 7). Let us know how it goes.


I left certain wires unattached due to those zones were not working previous to changing out the controller. I tried adjusting the wires as suggested but the zones are still not working when tested :disappointed:

These were the notes before changing to the new controller. And the updated picture after following the suggestions provided.

Can you share pictures of the rest of the setup? Do the brown / black cables lead to the same place?

Do you, by any chance, remember closing any valves? 99% of the irrigation systems will have a backup valve, which when closed would prevent any irrigation.


Update! We followed the bundles as directed and we figured out the issue! Thank you for your fast responses and all of your help!!

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What was the issue?

The bundles led to different locations. One was for the front sprinklers and the other lead to the backyard. We rewired the bundled wires onto the valves. Following the wires helped us better understand which colored wires went to what side of the yard and which were the ground wires on the valves.

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