Set Rain Skip to 1/16" - How Do I Do This?

(Browser = IE 11, current release
Rachio Unit = Gen 2
Rachio Schedule Type = Flex Daily
Nothing connected to sensor port 1 or 2
Sensor ports ‘turned off’ in Device Settings)

How do I turn on ‘Rain Skip?’

How do I set ‘Rain Skip’ to 1/16th of an inch?

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If I understand correctly, Weather Intelligence is only editable in Fixed & Flex Monthly schedules so if you are using a Flex Daily schedule, you can’t change it.

In a Fixed or Flex Monthly schedule, click on Edit Schedule (or if you’re doing it for the first time), click Weather Intelligence when you’re setting up a new schedule. Click Rain Skip and you can choose the threshold there.

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Yes, indeed, I’m using fully automatic mode (Flex Daily).

Thank you for the contribution.

My questions are, specifically:

  1. If running the schedule in Flex Daily mode is a Rain Skip function automatically turned on?

  2. If running the schedule in Flex Daily mode is there any place I can see that Rain Skip is indeed turned on?

  3. If running the schedule in Flex Daily mode, when is an algorithm processed to make the decision to skip due to rain before and/or after the schedule’s start time?

  4. If running the schedule in Flex Daily mode, what are the algorithm details for when Rain Skip is implemented?

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The precipitation that your yard gets is all part of the calculations that flexible daily makes to determine how much water your yard got and how much is predicted in the future. So Rain Skip as a feature is not needed since it is all part of the calculations. To see this, take a look at the Moisture Levels for each zone. If you click on details, you can see how much water you put down, how much was rain, and what is predicted for the next few days. That prediction will be looked at again about an hour before your schedule is supposed to run, to see if it needs to water again or not. You will also be able to see how much your zone is using each day as Crop Evapotranspiration or ET.

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@Linn Is correct. The flex daily schedules do not actually “skip” schedules, as much as push them back until they are needed. What this effectively means is that if it does rain, or if it is nice and cloudy, the Rachio will go ahead and push the next schedule back until the moisture levels drop far enough to justify a schedule to water.

As for when this happens, the Rachio checks the current weather, the past 24 hours, and the future 24 hour forecast in order to determine if a watering is needed on that day. If it rained enough yesterday/raining now/will rain enough tomorrow that there is enough moisture to push back a schedule, the system will do so.

For daily flex, look at the moisture levels for each zone under zone details, that will show you the recorded and predicted weather (precip and ET) and you can see when Rachio wants to schedule the next watering. It is subject to change as new weather data is collected.

For the short version, just look at each zone and see the next watering date.

If Rachio sees that the moisture level is not depleted because of forecast precipitation, then the zone will not be watered.

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Again, this discussion is for Flex Daily usage only.

I’m pretty familiar with the moisture graphs, and how they work.

My daily flex schedule runs at 1:15 AM. Most of my zones are set to 50% Allowed Depletion.

Based on the above comments, and other knowledge I have, my conclusion are:

  1. When Rachio processing, at 12:15 AM, looks to see if Moisture Level will drop below 50% by the coming Midnight time point, it will proceed with turning on the appropriate zones starting at 1:15 AM.

  2. If it is currently raining at 12:15 AM, the day’s schedule is not performed (‘bypassed’).

  3. Rachio processing at 12:15 AM is based on a weather station different that what the user has specified to use.

I believe this is correct.

Not necessarily. I’m pretty sure it depends on how much rain is predicted for the day and what your current moisture level is and what the predicted ET is. However, if you have an activated Rain Sensor, it will not water.[quote=“a0128958, post:7, topic:9217”]
Rachio processing at 12:15 AM is based on a weather station different that what the user has specified to use.

Rachio uses Aeris, which pulls from a combination of sources. There is a good write up of this, see:

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Thank you.

One more point - the 50% Allowed depletion is represented as 0% moisture level on the graphs.

Expected precipitation is included in the moisture level prediction calculations. There is no threshold to skip watering. If opening moisture balance + expected precip - expected ET <= 0 for today or any day prior to the next scheduled flex run day for the zone (if you have days the schedule is skipped), it will water today.

Agreed. And thank you.