Server Operations Log?

Is there a log of server outages posted someplace? My Flex schedule didn’t run early this morning, reporting “was scheduled to run but device is currently offline”. However, I have an external service that monitors my network connectivity, and I know we didn’t have any internet down time last night. So I’m guessing it was something on the cloud end, but would like to verify that. Thanks.

Eric Bergan

Hey Eric,

I noticed you have a Gen 2 model. We actually rely on Amazon Web Services for our cloud servers. You can check the status of AWS from their health page here, though you’ll find there have been no recent outages reported.

I did a little digging into your Device logs and do see that there was a disconnect between the controller and your WiFi at approximately 10:20pm. Intermittent disconnects may happen for a variety of reasons. I’d keep a close eye on the controller and if this continues to happen we may want to do a WiFi Update. If you call into our Support Line one of our representatives would be happy to assist.

Hope this helps!

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