Serial Number 'in use'

I transferred all apps to a new phone. Somewhere, the Rachio app is unusable.

Please allow me to enter my established account or allow me to set up a new account from scratch.
At this time, I cannot access the ‘settings wheel’ on the app and the help line does not have information on re-establishing access to my existing account. If I try to set up my account again from scratch, I can go as far as the scan/enter serial number. It won’t scan and if I manually enter the serial number, it says it is already in use, but I can’t access the previous set up.

Have you tried deleting the app and reinstall? That might clear up the problem. I recently got a new phone and had a similar issue with another app, not Rachio, and deleting the app and its data and reinstall solved it.

All your controller schedules are stored in the cloud so no risk of causing any issues deleting it.

Totally deleted and reinstalled app. It is working now. Thank you!

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