Separate solenoid valve -- wiring

Hi everyone, I have a Rachio and love it. I have 11 zones connected to an underground sprinkler system. Recently I had a need to connect a garden hose sprinkler to a timer so I can water a patch outside of the range of the underground sprinkler. I have been running it with a Zwave appliance module but I want to now wire it to the Rachio…

I know I can run one wire from the solenoid to the common wire. The other solenoid wire can be attached to an unused zone (in my case, #12).

My question is… since I use a master valve for my system, is there a way to bypass the master valve when I activate the solenoid #12?

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@mrdizle - the master valve is either on or off for the entire system right now in V2 of the application. There is no setting to enable the master valve for only specific stations. I have no idea if the ability to specify if the master valve will be active for only certain zones will be in V3 (which is in limited beta at this time, with no other details).

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Other than the extra electricity to open the master valve should not impact the rest of your underground sprinkler system. It would only pressurize the systems prior to the all the zone valves. I would try it. Will probably work just fine.

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Hey @mrdizle-

@tomlay is totally right- the master valve will activate, but it shouldn’t have any negative impact on your system. Let us know how it goes!

McKynzee :rachio: