Sent Me an Extra Unit

I ordered one Rachio 3 but received two in the mail (in separate boxes). I’m a little peeved there’s no phone number or even an email address on the website to call for help, forcing me to sign up for the community.

I won’t be checking this for comments, so if anyone from Rachio wants to get the extra unit back, you can contact me through the email tied to this account. Otherwise, I’ll give the extra to a neighbor in a week or two.

@Thebaxters14 That’s really odd. Please give the unit to a neighbor as it seems the mistake was on our end and it would be great if someone else could benefit from it.



Thanks Franz, appreciate the quick response. We’ll have it put to good use!

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@Thebaxters14 I’ll give you my address if you need it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait, so some of us have been waiting to 8 days for any update or an email as to when ours will ship when it was supposed to go out the following day, and others are getting multiple units and being told to give them away?

Not a great look but accidents happen. Once ordered two cans of tomatoes from Jet. They sent two flats of tomatoes. They told me to keep them. That’s good customer service.

@Kubisuro - understood and no doubt accidents happen, but its the exact opposite type of customer service when the only way I can find out about an order that’s overdue is to post about it on the community forums or open a support ticket, and I’m still not able to get any specifics as to when this thing is coming. And then seeing others get two units when they only ordered one just adds to the frustration I’m already having with Rachio, not off to a good start at all here.

I’ve already had to cancel my sod install scheduled for today, and looks like I’ll have to push it back again as it doesn’t seem likely I’ll have this thing up and running by Tuesday either.

That really truly sucks and I’d definitely be unhappy about that. Whatever the cause, I’m certain Rachio is extremely unhappy about this.

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@Kubisuro is correct. This is definitely not how we prefer to welcome customers to the Rachio family!

@Jivedonkey, I assure you that we’re working around the clock to get orders out the door and controllers into your hands! I’m so sorry for the frustration and the hiccups that have occurred. Our team wants nothing but for our customers to be happy and enjoying their controllers as soon as possible. We’re working as fast as we can to make that happen.


Laura - I appreciate you are working around the clock to fulfill orders and we appreciate that. But why don’t you ship late orders next day delivery and try to minimize the customer frustration? That seems like better customer support to me. Mine shipped today but won’t be delivered until Tuesday. Come on! That is unacceptable!!