Sensor Wiring Questions (Switching from Rain Bird ESP 6-LX Plus)

Hello! Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to assist with my questions. Apologies in advance if they’re rather rudimentary. Just bought my first home recently and excited about installing the Rachio system but don’t want to mess anything up. I’ve attached some pictures below but please let me know if anything else is needed.

  • First picture is the outside of my current unit (Rain Bird ESP 6-LX Pus) and second picture is of the zones wring. I think I’m set on moving the majority of wires, looks like the COM, 1-5 on my current unit would move to the C, 1-5 on the Rachio.

  • The spot I’m getting hung up on is the Sensor wiring (third picture attached below) for multiple reasons. First is that I only have one sensor (which should be the white wire running to the top Sensor ports). So does anyone know what the purple wire would be for? Also what is the purpose of the red wire running between both Sensor ports? Lastly, how would those Sensor wires transfer over to the Rachio?

@seanster - welcome to the community.

Which Rachio Gen device do you have 1, 2 or 3 (as the sensor directions are slightly different)?

You’ve nailed it on the head for C and 1-5.

According to the Rain Bird manual on page 54:

I don’t think the sensor was wired correctly. I think the jumper basically excluded the rain sensor.

If there is a rain sensor in the existing setup and the white and purple wires run to it, then here are the directions for adding it (it is optional to add, not required by Rachio - maybe by your local municipality) to your Rachio:

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@DLane thanks for the reply and all the info!

I have a Gen 2 device.

Okay, so you’re thinking that red wire between the sensor ports isn’t doing anything and is effectively negating the sensor?

Thanks for linking to those instructions for the sensor. Like you said, don’t really need it for the Rachio but rather transfer everything over. So based on those instructions, thinking the white sensor wire would go to S1 (since I can trace that for the most part to the actual sensor) and then the purple to SC.


@seanster - YEP on both comments. Then in the app add/activate the rain sensor as an accessory.

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@DLane, sounds good. Thanks again for your help!