Sensor input / Manual shutoff

Any thought to using the sensor input for a programmable dry contact event? For starters just a dry contact on S1 to tell the controller to stop (held closed or for a specified period of time). My controller is out back in a shed but would like the ability for the kids to turn off sprinklers from the porch if they want to go out.

Interesting idea @dirkg! One option would be to install a rain sensor and just have them push and somehow hold the sensor trigger down… but I understand that’s a bit “janky”! Do you have any smart home assistants? They could ask Alexa to put a rain delay on the controller for one day!

Just throwing ideas out there.

That could work, but I was looking for something a little more low tech. I’m a home automation guy from a while back, but I know if a guest is over, tech can become inconvenient. A button next to a light switch that shuts the sprinkles off for two hours is the easiest thing.

Also…I’m new to Rachio so still learning, but I believe if the controller goes offline the programming continues…Alexa, IFTTT, Rachio app, etc are useless. I would need to get to the controller to stop it. I physical switch tied to S1/S2 would be simple (always available) override.

Add a sensor “Dry Contact” and offer some basic event programming. Also would allow for a contact from an alarm or motion sensor to START a zone. I’ve used this to scare away critters in a raised garden bed…or dissuade people from walking up the driveway!