Selling my old Rachio?

What would I need to do so that the buyer will not have issues addi the Ito to his account?

Thinking about a 2nd gen unit

The only thing you need to do is delete the device from your account settings…but if you do buy a generation 2 I would install it first (before removing the old controller from your account) since we have added the ability to copy device settings, zones, schedules, etc. from your gen 1 --> gen 2 at time of install.

BTW - Existing generation 1 users should get an email regarding our pass it on program. Discounted generation 2.

Here is information on how to remove the old controller from your account:


Hey Franz, just wanted to confirm that everything transfers, including all of our historical flow data?

Sorry for any confusion, that data we don’t transfer over. We are migrating to an entirely new architecture that we capture/store that data, but the legacy information was going to be too difficult to migrate over.

Gen 1 events will also not be transferred over.


Ok, so if we wanted to, for instance, compare our gen-1 data (from last season) to our gen-2 data (from this coming season) we would have to keep that device on our account and then switch between them?

Yeah, sorry for the inconvenience. For Gen 3 (j/k) this will be more of a non-issue :wink:


Ha… nice!

One last point of clarification: If we were to sell our gen-1 unit, we would need to remove it from our account (thus not being able to view the data), otherwise when the buyer connects their device, it will still be controlled by our account?

Correct, it will still be associated with the old account, and our support team would have to remove the device at that point.


Can we get a copy of this email as I am also interested in upgrading to Gen 2 with such pass it on program, thanks

If you email they can provide assistance.