Selling House - will sprinkler setting keep?

I’m moving and I have the Rachio set up “perfectly” :wink: with flex daily schedule.

If I remove the controller from my account and the new owner picks the ‘transfer ownership’ in the app, will my current setting stay? (from this link Transfer ownership of a Rachio controller to your account)

It will be easier for me to just remove it from my account before I leave and let them mess with it, but I don’t want them to have issues setting it back up. It took me awhile and I’m kind of a nerd with these things. I doubt they would put in as much effort.

I don’t know the new owners so I can’t coordinate the transfer with them.

When I sold my house, I remove the Rachio and replaced it with a cheap “dumb” controller. I took the Rachio with me to use at my new house.

@ColoradoSteve - Yes the settings should stay. Now if they factory reset the device in an attempt to connect to WiFi, then I think the settings will be blown away. Therefore, I’d leave a note on how to change WiFi and take over the controller.

Remember that once Rachio loses internet connectivity the weather (evaporation, temperature, rain) won’t be updated and after 14 days of no internet connectivity Rachio will default to watering every three days.


Thanks. I’m putting together a document on what’s what with the house so I’ll include that information.