Self re-connect to wifi

I manage 9 different Rachio properties, and counting. When someone’s wifi connection is lost, the Rachio unit does not automatically reconnect itself back to the property’s wifi once the wifi is up again. Other smart irrigation controllers do this. Self re-connection by the unit would save me and my clients a lot of time and frustration, not to mention ensuring complete access to the Rachio, remotely, which is what I need to best service my clients. Please try to add this to future controllers - it is a MUST given the finicky nature of most home wifi systems.

My wifi/internet has been going out a ton the last 6 months becuase we’ve been remodeling and contractors keep disconnecting my equipment but I’ve never had to intervene with mine to reconnect. That has been with both Gen1’s and Gen3’s.

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Mine has dropped wifi a lot lately as well. But mine does not auto reconnect. I have to go out there and hold the reset button down and work through the app everytime. I wish it would auto reconnect.

FYI, I have a generation one Rachio and it auto reconnects whenever I lose my internet, which goes down about once every couple of months. I use starlink as my internet, but use the google nest mesh wifi for better wifi coverage. Good luck!

My generation 3 reconnects after wifi outages.

The last couple of years my Rachio worked fine. Always seemed to automatically reconnect to wifi if it was lost temporarily to some sort of power outage. This year almost every time I click on the App, it says the controller is offline again. Is there anyone from Rachio monitoring the community posts who might suggest what is causing this and what can be done to fix it? Likewise, if there’s a Rachio Community expert with answers, I’m listening… TIA for the help.-Mike