Selecting a PWS

I have several PWS stations available around my home. They all have various k ratings for quality of recorded parameters. For purposes of my Gen2, is only the accuracy of precipitation and temperature important? I ask because one nearby station seems to have high quality precip and temp data, but poor barometric and dew point data.


Temperature and precip data are more important in general, although we do use dew point to calculate evapotranspiration (along with temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity). If it is close you should be fine.


Where do you see the “k ratings” for quality of the PWS?

Sorry, k ratings was just an autocorrect mistake, I only meant to say quality ratings. I’ve seen those on the PWS stations that start with MID in my area.

I’d recommend looking at the MADIS evaluation data.

You can usually find that using the “quality control data” link off of this page for each station:

(that one is my own station)

What you’re looking for is green checkmarks meaning that station is generally in line with other stations in the area, or at least not wildly out of line.

It also tells you that the station owner reviews those settings and make adjustments to bring their reporting better in line with others.

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If a personal weather station is missing any of these data points, does Rachio take the missing data from the nearest official weather station? I ask because I don’t believe any of the PWS in my area use solar radiation. (I have noticed these stations are much more $$$)! Or, are the calculations adjusted to account for the missing data?

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We derive solar radiation without that data point.