Seems like a lot!

Year 2 of Rachio. I live in Longmont Colorado and just recently took my Rachio out of standby to get ready for spring. Watering started today on a Flex Monthly schedule. I have 3 zones, 2 being grass and one shrubs. I am attaching pictures of schedule and watering times. I get the spaced out watering for deep root growth since this was fresh sod last April. (1 year ago) Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think, seems like way too much… yard is currently soggy. Also, glass is around 1,500 square feet.

Not knowing any details at all about your settings, it is hard to say. You said you took it out of standby, so I assume you had it going strong in last year and everything seemed to work well?

Those run time don’t look bad to me, but I have Hunter MP Rotator nozzles that have a very low PR. My grass zones run for 58 minutes each.

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