Seeding a new lawn

I am setting up my system for a lawn with no grass. I have spread Bermuda seed and am located in South Carolina.

I am needing help with setting the following fields for 4 of my zones:

Area: I have this data

Available Water: What is this?

Root Depth: Should this be 0.01 for seed?

Allowed Depletion: ?

Efficiency: ?

Crop Coefficient: ?

Nozzle Inches Per Hour: I know the gpm total for each section. How do I convert this to in/hr?

@rekinowski For seeding a new lawn I’d actually start with the Fixed Schedule on an hourly interval. This will allow you to keep a consistent moisture level and work with any restrictions.

After the lawn has established, you can move into using the Flex Daily schedule.


Totally agree with @timber. The last thing I would ever do is use a flex daily schedule with a new, unestablished lawn. We also do have an hourly schedule type to help a new lawn get established.

After your lawn is established, we can help with setting zone characteristics and adjusting a flex schedule for you.


I also have new seeded lawn and have read a couple of posts regarding this topic. Seems like best option is to use:
Type = fixed
Interval = every hour
Duration = 5m
Cycle and Soak: 7m cycle, 4hr soak

My questions:

  1. How long should each watering event last if I intend to water every 4 hours?
  2. What’s the difference between the “Duration” setting and the “Cycle” setting? If the values are different (as in my case above with 5m Duration and 7m Cycle), what happens?

I ran into a similar situation. My problem with using Fixed Schedule is that I could not figure out how to include a start and stop time. Looks like it would run in hourly intervals for 24 hours when I really only need watering between 10 AM and 6 PM (8 times). I solved it by just setting up 8 separate schedules, but that was a little tedious because you can’t save a schedule with a different name.