Seasons changing

We have had a heat wave here for the last 10 days. Not uncommon for this time of year and the weather forecast on my Rachio says it will continue.

Why then did it give me an alert that one of my Fixed schedule programs was being changed because the season was changing and it actually REDUCED my programmed run time. It’s aFIXED schedule leave it alone.

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I suspect you have seasonal shift enabled in the weather intelligence section for your schedule. Flip that off.

As suggested by NCSuggs, turning OFF Seasonal Shift will keep your times and water provided constant. But after temperatures do lower, in the fall, you will probably be providing too much water. The Fixed schedule is either that: completely Fixed, or adjusted with Seasonal Shift.

A Flex Monthly won’t make a difference in your case either, as it doesn’t use actual temperatures either. It will instead change the frequency of water application to do the same job as Fixed, but in a different way. Either way, watering is determined by on these schedules by the Average Historic weather conditions, not actual weather. Plus, it only changes every month. So while early August temperatures can be the highest of the year, they don’t provide more water during that time.

Flex Daily is the only schedule type that DOES consider your actual current temperatures, especially the heat wave you had for the last 10 days. If you want to apply more water (or water more often) when the temperatures are especially high, less when they’re low, Flex Daily is the only schedule that does that.


Actually Seasonal shift is unchecked. But it still reduced the time in HOT weather. Not at all what logic demands. The only thing that is checked in weather intelligence is freeze skip.