Seasonal zone setup

Is there a way to setup my zones for different times of the year?

My yard is almost like two different yards in the summer and winter. Zones that are in shade in summer are in full sun in the winter and vise-versa; due to deciduous trees and different shading from sun’s seasonal angle change.

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Oh that is interesting, we haven’t heard that request yet. I’ll forward this to the product team.

One suggestion is you could change the shade exposure for that particular zone(s) during season changes?


Dang, and I tried an ifttt recipe using the dat time trigger for the year to update the zone settings, which do not exist…I’ll refrain from pointing out the need?

@bbeardmore, thanks for pointing this zone requirement out to us. Maybe someday we can piggy back some solar energy databases to adjust for the solar radiation over the year…the deciduous tree variable will be a bit tricker to incorporate.

How often do you make this adjustment to the zones? Twice a year; summer and winter?

I have a similar request, but for different reasons. My local water district has different rules at different times of year. If we could add multiple programs and have a ‘end date’ in addition to the start date that would allow us to have different programs based on calendar dates.

@didolgi, just curious, how many different restrictions/watering schedules do you have to manage over the year? Do you have different summer and winter restrictions, or are they seasonal?

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In general, water districts and cities in California have a minimum of 2 different watering schedule restrictions (summer and winter) but are also capable of enacting more stringent watering schedules during times of drought. In our garden, I have set up an “Ordinance 100” schedule to select whenever the more stringent 1 day a week watering schedule is in place (winter).

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@sramirez, sounds like the “drip zone clause” is not offered in your area? Sometimes drip zones are excused from restrictions assuming certain nozzles are used. On the one day you can water, do you have duration limits?

We have 3 months of the year declared “wastewater measurement months”. The theory is that in the winter one doesn’t water the yard, so all gallons used are processed as wastewater. The next year monthly sewer bill is based on the average of the three months. We generally turn off our sprinklers in this time of the year (perhaps water a few times manually).

We have two seasons with different day restrictions. Another controller on the market handles this by including a “restrictions” setting for each schedule, where you choose what days and months are active/inactive. This lets you to set up two or more schedules which are always enabled – but only one is active in a given month.

Thanks for this, will make sure our product team is reviewing this. :wink:


In Las Vegas we have 3 different sets of rules- but have to change 4 times a year. Winter / Spring & Fall / Summer

The Las Vegas Water District site -

This was actually the main reason I installed two controllers(needed 21 zones) there - I’m often away from this home, and having the ability to update remote is key to avoiding fines for watering at the wrong time.

I’ve only recently installed the controllers so my plan was to add a total of 3 schedules and just disable the two that aren’t active. I don’t see this as overly cumbersome, but in the age of automation having start and stop dates on a schedule could make the change over for me :smile:


@brkaus, interesting. Nice to hear your utility is factoring out lawn watering from your sewer bill.

@strol, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Are you currently using this controller? Curious if this feature was a deal breaker for you?

@didolgi, noted! Thanks for providing more insight into your use case. How often have the watering restrictions changed in your area? i.e. are they updated annually? Or have they been the same for years?

@emil I am using the Rachio with flex schedule at home where we don’t have daily restrictions, only volume restrictions. For a rental property, I am still shopping for a controller with different requirements, including daily restrictions which vary by season.

The Las Vegas area has been using the same schedule since at least 2007 that I know of.

Yes, I second the need for multiple schedules for multiple recurring seasons. Las Vegas is 1 major metropolitan area that needs water conservation and your product fits right into this market. There is a schedule for specific days for each seasons, which is the same each year. So the need to specify a year in each schedule is kind of not needed and forces to change the schedule each year. No huge deal, but kind of counter productive when having an automatic sprinkler system like the Rachio… :slight_smile:

Also in Las Vegas. Would be nice to see this happen!