Seasonal Shift - July to August?

I just received a notification yesterday that my Rachio has applied a “Seasonal Shift” to my watering schedule, and it looked like the watering times were all reduced by a few minutes for each zone. It’s my understanding that this is based on “historical data”, but I promise, it’s just as hot on August 1st and 2nd in North Texas as it was on July 31st, so I don’t see how a Seasonal Shift right now makes any sense. Maybe in the fall, but no during hellish-hot August around here.

I’m beginning to 2nd-guess my Rachio purchase because of weird stuff like this, so I’m curious to get thoughts from others. It just seems like the best option is to run a Fixed schedule and not take advantage of some of these “smart features” that don’t really seem all that smart to me. That would be disappointing.

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If you’re using a Flex Monthly schedule, then the schedule is going to adjust based on the monthly averages, not daily. So with a Flex Monthly schedule there is going to be a difference between Jul 31 and Aug 1, simply because of the different months.

Have you tried Flex Daily? It is more fine tuned, which is maybe what you are wanting.