Seasonal shift for disabled schedules?

What is the reasoning to notify on seasonal shift for schedules that are disabled? This doesn’t seem very logical.

Maybe so that when you enable the schedules, they are immediately up to date.

But at the very least is should not notify you of these shifts when the schedule is disabled otherwise I could imagine with a lot of schedules it could get super chatty even when none of them are enabled.

Might be if I’m going to plant new grass and run my normally-inactive “New Grass” fixed schedule when the springtime shift has been done.

This seasonal shift stuff is about the only parameter that Rachio itself updates that affects what your controller does (or might do). It seems right that they tell you about it whether you’re effected by it right now or just might be in the immediate future. I don’t know about “chatty”, as seasonal shift doesn’t apply to flex.

Huh? How about weather shifts, water sensor shifts, etc. Those all do updates and none of them notify me when the schedule is disabled. Bottom line - if the system is in standby and all the schedules are not enabled, I shouldn’t be getting any notifications that relate to the schedules.

I’ve done enough app design work to know that this is likely a bug - unless there’s something we are all missing on why they keep this one notification enabled for disabled schedules on a standby controller.

Sure, I understand that there are lots of locally controlled parameters - perhaps more than there should be for most of us. The “Seasonal Shift” configuration is not one of them… Rachio itself finds/develops/reckons by scientific or mystical methods some sort of adjustment probably to help users who are managing a smart controller as a dumb one, with fixed times and amounts for watering. Especially those in radical weather/climatic environments (think Arizona - Phoenix vs. Flagstaff, or Texas - Houston vs. Amarillo, etc.). I’ve used fixed schedules for new grass and temporary watering limits. I can’t tell that the “shift” makes any difference at all. There, we probably agree. Maybe if Rachio had an “opt out” for the seasonal shift, they could stop sending you those reminders.

Bzzt. Definitely locally controllable:

Oh - and now I’ve been able to get Rachio to agree to open a bug that they should indeed, not be notifying users of seasonal shifts on disabled schedules on a standby controller :wink: