Seasonal Schedules based on rigid setpoints

In the City of Sacramento, we have the following water restrictions:
Starting Spring/Summer (March daylight savings), 2 specific days per week allowed within certain hours.
String Fall/Winter (November daylight savings), 1 specific day per week allowed within certain hours.

With my 2-watering-a-day plan, I have implemented a 4-schedule plan in Rachio to say in compliance with the city. However I felt it was painstaking to implement, and once my String/Summer schedule is done in the november, I have go to into the scheduler and reset it to start in March 2018 again.

Can the scheduler be improved to handle this drought condition rigidity more elegantly? It would be great to set it up once and forget it, unless the City changes its policies.

Thanks, -Peter

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Hey @blueclaws!

I think this could be improved, do you think just removing the year requirement for start/end dates would be the solution?

McKynzee :rachio:

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Hi McKynzee — sorry for my delayed response. Yes, I think your suggestions would address this enhancement! Thanks, -Peter

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You might check the rules carefully. Many jurisdictions (San Diego, for example), exemp smart controllers and low precipitation rate heads (Hunter MP) from the usual day/time restrictions enforced for traditional spray heads and controller.

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