Seasonal Adjustment questions

I have a few questions about using Seasonal Adjustment:

  1. As the temperatures change in my area, I would like to adjust the watering times by a certain percentage. Is Seasonal Adjustment the way to do this? Will this only work if Water Budgeting is turned on? (Up until now, I go into each Zone and adjust it manually but, obviously, this is very inconvenient.)

  2. Does it matter which season of the year is used as a baseline for 100% watering times – hottest, coldest, mildest?

  3. Is there an IFTTT recipe to make a seasonal adjustment automatically based upon a weekly average of temperatures?

Thanks for your help.

@mrp777, thanks for reaching out and great questions! I’ll do my best to answer them below:

Yes, the seasonal adjustment will change all zone durations within the watering schedule.

Nope, you can use it without Water Budgeting. Water Budgeting will automatically adjust the seasonal adjustment on a weekly basis if it’s enabled.

Nope. Your base durations equal 0% on the seasonal adjustment. These can be set to any season you want them to be.

Not currently, since Water Budgeting automates this adjustment. I don’t believe the weather triggers would give you weekly data points to pull from… :disappointed:

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