Seasonal adjustment - how often?

It had been cool in my area and I had received seasonal adjustment emails that the watering time was shortened. But yesterday and today are going to be several degrees warmer than normal. My next scheduled watering time is on Tue. I’m wondering how often is the seasonal adjustment done? Will it give my yard extra water tomorrow to catch up with the extra evaporation? Or should I manually run it?

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man, i want to say it is once a week. i say that because i get all seasonal adjustments emails in rapid succession, it is almost annoying.

but someone from rachio will need to confirm deny this


Thanks for reaching out. As @plainsane mentioned this is a weekly occurrence. So based on when you created your watering time it will occur at that time each week. With the new version of our software we will be doing this sort of daily ET monitoring though. We are currently beta testing this so we will be releasing this soon. If you want to increase the seasonal adjustment in your watering time up you can do that. The new durations will come into effect tomorrow.

@plainsane Are you seeing your seasonal adjustment emails coming in all at once? How often does this happen?

Thanks guys.

it really depends. i have had 5 come in about 5 minutes apart.

it is usually 2-4 emails each time and that happens about every 1-2 weeks

I am curious about the grouping of these e-mails. I have nine zones but never get more then 3 notices in a single e-mail. Four of the zones are “grass” and I usually get email notice of three, then an email with the final zone.

Is there a reason they do not all happen at once? Does this mean that the occurrence is the date AND TIME the schedule was created?

@sbillard, good question. We send out one seasonal adjustment email for each watering time you have “Water Budgeting” enabled on. If you’re seeing 3 notices, then you probably have t3 different watering times. Please let us know if that’s not the case.

Best, Emil

Yes, there are three different watering times that are subject to seasonal adjustments for a total of 6 zones. I get three e-mails, one for each watering time.

@sbillard, we could review the creation time/date of the watering time, but I bet you maybe set them all up at around the same time?

Yes, they were pretty much setup for the same time. No big deal, just curious why there were three separate actions.

@sbillard, what are your thoughts on Flex Schedules? Think you’ll convert to them after 2.0 is released?

I think I will try. But We have watering days restrictions. Summers I can water only on Monday and Friday. Winter one of these goes away (not sure which yet.) So if flex will work for me I will use it. I like the idea at least.

@sbillard, yep, 2.0/Flex schedules work with watering restrictions. You simply tell the Iro what days you can water, and it will abide to those constraints. Restrictions do interrupt the natural design of flex schedules as it’s best if they could be run on auto-pilot to take full advantage of the science. Maybe someday (once everyone has an Iro), water restrictions will be a distant memory…like a pay phone :wink: